Conversion 0-6-0

Building a Wagon-top 0-6-0
(A junk-box/e-bay project)

This project is the result of a prolonged search for just the right locomotive for my Liberty Street diorama. I had the 0-4-0, but for some time I had wanted an 0-6-0 with a slope-backed tender to switch my industries. When I came across the photo above, the search was intensified. I realized that to come up with a model of this loco I would have to build it myself.

How was I going to do that!

I began inquiring with the experts on the Yahoo, Early Rail Group by asking if anyone had done anything similar. This is a great group of like-minded folks and a valuable resource for anyone modeling in the obscure nineteenth century railroad genre. I had seen the article on boiler swapping on Harold Minkwitz webzine,"Modeling the 1870's in OO/HO" and Craig Bisgeier's Spectrum/AHM conversions on his Housatonic Rail Road page so, was encouraged to proceed.

Cab, domes, stack, headlight and extended smoke box from the junk-box, these would be the basic outlines of the superstructure. The boiler will need to be lengthened later.

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