Ninth Street

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On the North end (right) side of Liberty Street is Ninth Street. Ninth Street was a major East West thouroghfare which hosted the street level cable line and an elevated railway connecting Kansas City, Missouri with Kansas City, Kansas across the Kansas River. Abernathy Furniture was located on the Southwest corner and across the street was the Dold Packing office and store with it's distinctive mansard roof. Here was the entrance to theDold Packing plant. The photo at right shows these locations along Ninth street.

doldpacking In the picture to the left the Dold office/store is on the left a little above center. The Dold (near) and Armour (far) packing plants, painted white to emphasize cleanliness no doubt, dominate the photo. In the forground is the Mulberry street ''station'' of the elevated line. There were a number of these along Ninth Street but unfortunately not at Liberty Street. Lots of DPM buildings in this scene. Notice also the number of frame constructed buildings is a marvel that Kansas City never experienced a major fire the likes of Chicago. A new scene on my Ninth Street pays homage to the fact that people once made their home in the Bottoms.

More images of Ninth Street
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Vintage Ninth Street
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