The Nickel Plate Railroad
Transition Era Railroading

My brother, John, models a hypothetical branch of the Nickel Plate Railroad which begins at the division point town of Waynesville, Ohio on the NKP main line and meanders up a typical Midwestern stream valley to the once thriving village of Middleburgh serving various industries along the way.

It is a lot of railroad in a small space including some nicely done scenes that make the railroad seem much larger. His modeling has always inspired me and I am always telling him he needs to take some pictures of his work for posterity. "That's a great idea", he says and, "Why don't you do that?". Well, I finally got myself over there with my drug store Kodak cheapy and did just that.

To get things moving on the railroad we set up some rail-fan experiences and shot some pictures along the line and even a little video of some action in the Waynesville yard.

The first view of the Nickel Plate is through the door and over the backdrop at Middleburgh which loops around onto a penninsula in the "middle" of the room. The title photo on the top of the page shows how cozy the operators are in this space.


It makes sense to begin the tour at Waynesville. This represents the outskirts of a medium sized metropolis located across the main line of the NKP in Northern Ohio. There are a number of large industries located here and a small engine servicing facility mostly for the diesels that have begun to appear in ever larger numbers. The locomotives stationed here are assigned the work of switching the yard and industries as well as maintaining service on the Middleburgh branch.

Here is a movie of a little action in Waynesville. Makeing up Extra 492 for Middleburgh.

Here is another movie of a little action in Waynesville.

North Middleburgh

Between Waynesville and Middleburgh lies the sleepy village of North Middleburgh. Here a fuel depot, coal yard and the farmers COOP are served by the branch line.

North Middleburgh.


This is the nineteen fifties and business is booming. There is a regular big city traffic jam on Ohio 9 through downtown Middleburg.

Middleburgh, the destination of the branch from Waynesville. The Depot no longer serves passengers but acts as a yard office for the crew that operates here switching the several industries.