Wabash Freighthouse Plans

February 13, 2011: Gary Roe of the Wabash Historical Society, and a member of the Yahoo "Early Rail" group was kind enough to provide these plans of the Wabash Freight depot on St. Louis Avenue. They are being presented here in JPG form for your perusal.

Freight depot elevation. Must be from the St. Louis Ave. side.

1st Floor Plan. St. Louis Ave. at the bottom. Those 8' doors must have been added at some date later than the elevation drawing.

2nd Floor Plan.

3rd Floor Plan

Addition. Referring to the long single story section West of the Office building.


Elevation for the Addition


Property Plan. I have no idea where the Office building fits in here...I assume it is section "E".

Roof Trusses

First Floor Office Plan. This office was actually downtown on Walnut according to the notation. I will have to see what is there now.

The detail of these plans almost demands execution of a complete model with correct interior as well as exterior. And...since I am reassembling anyway that is what I plan to do.