Drawings of railroad subjects (narrow guage) that I did a while back when I was in the printing trade. The original drawings were done in graphite. The prints were done using the offset method with a graphite quality ink I mixed myself. Some of these limited edition prints are still available for sale, if interested send an email to tftlmt@gmail.com for further information as to size, price and shipping.

Blackhawk, Co.
circa 1900

Snow clearing on
Boreas Pass

Builders Portrait
DSP&P #63

W.H.Jackson Special on the DSP&P

Sandy River and Rangley Lakes #6

Portrait of C&S Mogul #34 in Platte Canyon

South Park train coasting downhill in Platte Canyon

A snow scene on the Iowa Central

Leadville bound stage stopping for a rest

WW&F Forney on the pier at Wiscasset