A Gondola in no time Flat

Turning a flat car into a gondola

I had been scratching around for a new project and while I considered my exising stable of cars a deficit in one area became all too clear. The railroad needed more gons/hoppers. As flat cars were sometimes dragooned into this service and I had experience building flat cars and getting two cars for the price of one is right up my alley, that is the course I chose.

This particular car is based on a Santa Fe flat that can be seen on the St. Charles Car Company web page and is built over the zamak undercarriage from one of the early Roundhouse box car kits as is my Wabash Flat.

Cladding this frame in styrene makes the car a bit longer than 36 scale feet and as the car I am modelling would have actually been only 34 feet, I consider this to be a non-prototype-specific model based on a specific prototype following in the spirit of the prototype practice....and press on.

The picture on the right above compares the prototype with the model.

From the left above, the car is transformed with the addition of a gondola superstructure of non-prototype-specific origin in what I believe to be prototype fashion. Those trucks are greatly altered Tichy Train Group #3002 archbar trucks...but that is another story.