Do Overs and Second Chances

The first scratch-building project for Liberty Street was this pair of Union Pacific boxes. I have to admit that I rushed these into production before thorough research but it often happens that we have to go back and tweek some detail after the fact when new information comes to light and I count this as one of those tweekings.

While collecting Roundhouse kits and built-up cars I discovered Art Griffin's superb decals and decided on the UP 67255 and an altrenate number as a beginning. I should have purchased the photo to go along with the letters as I discovered that pictures of late 1890s photos of UP equipment are rare as hen's teeth. The best photo I had was of a number 28805 and another unidentifiable car loading volunteers for the Spanish war somewhere in Utah. That is the car I set out to build with it's radial roof, etc... which I numbered 67255 (cause that's what I had). I must have been uncomfortable with that choice even then since, as you see, I numbered the mate to it 25675 (nearer to the correct number for this type of car).

The Original Inspiration

The original scratch-built cars...a pair of Union Pacific box cars were based on this photo of Number 28805.

The Transformation

Since it was apparent that I had made an error in the original model, I resolved to correct it. The number was scraped off and replaced with the correct number, and the grabs were repositioned to more accurately mimic the original photo. I will let the viewer judge the results.

Vintage portrait of 28805 (formerly 67255) as it is today.

The first configuration as 67255.

The original scratch-built cars...a pair of Union Pacific box cars were based on Number 28805 on the left. This photo is a side by side comparison of the original with the model imposed on the crowd to the right.

If only I had made the doors so they would open......