Narrow Gauge Territory

Narrow Gauge Album

Recently, before I started this project on the internets, I was in a modelling funk. Just between inspirations and wondering what to do next. So, I opened up one of those boxes of stored narrow gauge cars and realized that in the years since I had built these cars my techniques had improved. They looked a little down in the mouth and I thought, I might as well see what could be done to improve them.

This album shows the result of that effort. It is a shame I didn't take any good before pictures but believe me these are vastly improved. Mostly I just repainted and relettered the original models but there was some tweeking. And now through ''virtual modelling'' I am able to display these in settings that I never had the space to build.

Lake Fork & Animas #12 - (imaginary) Grant built Class 70 Locomotive

Lake Fork & Animas #9 - (another imaginary) Class 70 Locomotive

''Linda'' The Lake Fork & Animas combination chair car/express inspired by Silverton Railroad ''Yankee Girl''